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The Love Your Teeth® Whitening System Works

12 Jun 2020

Easy to Use!

It is so easy to use. It did not take any time out of my day to use it. I can integrate it into my morning and nighttime routine.

04 Mar 2019

Actually Whitening

I noticed a difference by the third day. Every day it became more and more evident that my teeth were actually whitening. I didn’t really believe it at first and then found it was amazing.

Tyrell M.
06 Sep 2020

Snap and Swab

It’s much easier to snap something and swab it on. You look funny with the teeth thing in your mouth. I like it. I think it adds personality.

Kaitlyn C.
22 Jun 2021

Third Day Results

My boyfriend said to me, “Wow, your teeth look really white” and that was the third day of using it. “They look really bright.” I got so excited and I kept using it.

Blair G.
01 Apr 2020

Busy Schedule

I'm a mom, that means I have a busy schedule and to have some me time for myself, isn't always easy, but I found something that works great.

Janel G.
08 Dec 2019

Ten Minutes and Done.

I love the whole thing. I thought it was amazing. It was really easy. Ten minutes, play a game and done.

Nicole G.
15 Oct 2019

Wine & Coffee

Allows me to enjoy my coffee and wine with no problems whatsoever. My teeth are pearly white.

Anthony K.
13 Jun 2021

More Confident

Honestly made me feel so much more confident! Now when I do my pictures, I don’t have to edit anything because I have the same white smiles that everybody else has.

Elisa B.

The Love Your Teeth® Whitening System

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Results from At-Home Whitening Systems Like Love Your Teeth® Can Last Up to 6 Months

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