Love Your Smile

Love Your Smile
Author: Michele Rolla

Love Your Smile

Have you ever been a victim of yellow teeth discrimination? Unfortunately, in our vanity centric world, a stained or yellow smile may not be viewed positively. Smiles make a lasting first impression, what is yours saying about you? Believe it or not, some find the current mask mandate to be a blessing in disguise.

Instead of hiding your smile from others, learn why it might be your best attribute and what you can do to make it better. There are many reasons why our teeth are not “perfect”. From hygiene, to health, to dietary, the list of reasons why can be lengthy.

Hygiene - keeping up with oral hygiene involves a little more effort than brushing your teeth. Brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily. Proper oral hygiene also includes visits to the dentist every six months. As with all health maintenance, preventive care is key.

Health - Would it make you feel better if you could blame your parents? Guess what? Genetics play a role in tooth composition and color. “Heredity is a reason why some individuals have naturally brighter or thicker tooth enamel than others. You may simply be born with teeth that appear more yellow (or whiter) compared to other people's teeth. Part of this has to do with the thickness of your enamel, which is semi-translucent. If you have a thin layer of enamel, the true color of your naturally yellowish dentin will show through.” (1) Medical treatments and medications can also alter the color of teeth.

Dietary - another long list coming at you. Do you drink coffee, tea, or wine? Do you smoke? Those are just the commonly known teeth staining offenders. But even the healthiest of foods can stain your pearly whites, think berries, green smoothies and dark chocolate. One easy method of preventing food and drink stains from adhering is to brush your teeth immediately after eating. The alternative is giving everything up. No one is suggesting that.

Smile Proudly

We want you to smile no matter how perfect or imperfect you think your teeth are. What’s the key to smiling? Confidence. What boosts confidence? Smiling!

Smile. Smile proudly. Go ahead. Try it now. Did you feel your entire face engage? Smiling is more than teeth.

Practice. The saying practice makes perfect is true. The more you practice smiling, the more it will come naturally.

Do you need a little help with having confidence in your smile? There is no shame in that either. Thankfully, Love Your Teeth® understands and feels everyone deserves a smile they love.

The Love Your Teeth® Pro-Renewal Whitening System is designed to overcome the toughest whitening challenges in minutes and is clinically tested to whiten your teeth 7 shades in just 7 days. It includes one of the highest levels of hydrogen peroxide available over the counter, along with the same blue light technology used by dentists to activate the solution. We also incorporated our unique Aloe White® Total Comfort Technology, which uses soothing aloe vera and other specialized ingredients to promote a happy whitening experience with minimal to no sensitivity or irritation of the teeth and gums.

Smile today. Smile brighter tomorrow. You may not have “perfect” teeth, but your smile still has the power to light up a room.


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