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Congratulations on your new Love Your Teeth® smile! Let’s keep you smiling proudly. The Smile Preserver Kit has everything you need to keep your smile white and bright. 

The 7-Day Reset is here for you when you’re ready to recharge your smile and safe enough to use immediately after your initial 7 day treatment. The choice is yours. 

Booster Gel is a fan favorite and a unique product we know you will love. It can’t be any easier to use, just add a small amount to your regular toothpaste during brushing to help prevent new stains from setting in, giving you even more whitening power. Whiten and maintain your best smile with zero to minimal sensitivity thanks to our Aloe White® Total Comfort Technology. 


Features & Benefits

Booster Gel:

  • Minimal to no sensitivity or irritation
  • Works with any toothpaste
  • More teeth whitening power than toothpaste alone
  • Enamel safe – no harsh abrasive ingredients
  • Precision metered amount of solution with each us

7-Day Reset:

  • Extend your whitening results at a reduced cost
  • Be prepared for special occasions, revamp your smile at a moment's notice
  • Share with a spouse or loved one (after properly sanitizing your LED Smile Light™️ of course)

What’s in the bundle?

How do you use it?

Step 1: It’s easy to help your whitening results go the distance with our unique Booster Gel. The Booster Gel is used along with your regular toothpaste to give you extra whitening power, and can also help to prevent new stains from setting in.

Step 2: The 7-Day Reset is there for you when you are ready for a brightening boost. Our LED Smile Light™️ is reusable, all you need is a restock of our whitening solution to maintain your new white smile. Our 7-Day Reset is great to have on hand for whenever you decide you need a whitening boost and are safe to use immediately after your initial 7 day treatment if you choose.


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